About Milezero

MileZero develops software to optimize the world’s largest retail logistics networks and delivery fleets.

Our cloud-based platform digitizes the fulfillment and logistics value chain, transforming loosely connected fulfillment functions into dynamic and high velocity parcel flows. From the moment a shipment is packed, MileZero infrastructure plans and optimizes its movement: through sortation and dispatch; into middle mile route points; and finally to customers in the last mile. End-to-end automation fundamentally changes the way fulfillment networks operate by unlocking new capacity and capabilities. While traditional systems deteriorate under stress, Modern Logistics Automation synchronizes parcel movements in response to planning changes and real-time conditions across the network, including the last mile. For operators, it redefines the performance and unit economics of delivering e-commerce at scale.


We’re on a mission
to change the future of e-commerce.

MileZero has assembled a team with broad logistics expertise and decades of experience developing and deploying large-scale retail delivery networks worldwide. Together, we’re proving that logistics is an exciting digital frontier. Beyond driving retail sustainability and efficiency, our platform serves as an integration point for some of the most advanced automated and autonomous technologies available today.

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