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MileZero develops software to optimize the world’s largest retail logistics networks and delivery fleets.

MileZero offers a cloud-based platform with a rich set of capabilities enabling retailers to quickly offer high quality delivery services. End-to-end automation connects every aspect of the supply chain providing unparalleled visibility and efficiency. Intuitive products power operations from warehouse management through fleet management. The end result is a high quality customer experience that can be delivered at scale.

Helping partners succeed
by providing world class logistics

MileZero is now a Capstone Logistics company. Capstone Logistics is a leading North American supply chain solutions partner with more than 500 operating locations,14,500 associates, and 60,000 carriers. Capstone has capabilities in freight management, warehouse and distribution center support, last mile delivery, supply chain analytics and optimization, and more. Capstone is uniquely positioned to help customers reduce warehousing and transportation costs.

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